Namaste !

My name is Céline Ravanel and here my story…


It all started on November 7, 2008… It was my first trip in India, going to live my first voluntery’s experience in an association (Jeanamitabh) in Bodhgaya, Bihar. For six weeks, I helped and worked as a teacher in the orphanage of the association. We can say, I had my own “illumination”!

Of course, I lived and shared misery, disease, begging, but I remember just  that strength and spirituality, the energy of this population… I feld in love with India.

The clash of cultures has not made me fear, instead, I was amazed, and I understood the words of sister Emmanuelle: “the wealth of poverty”. In this other world, completely opposed to mine, I had start again from scratch. Relearn the politeness, the way to live, to wash, to watch, to dress! It’s not always obvious for a young girl of 19 years! I introduce myself in their lifestyles and than i start to understand their life.  I start to realize who hard it is to be a girl in India, I saw them early in the morning, selling some spice at the market, and then later, working in the fields under the hard sun…working working until night time. Not a life of a young girl….

How can not be sensitive to this?


Our ”illimination”: create our own school, making this project with local’s friends (thanks Vikash!!! and all my friends).  School for those girls!!!! In the Bihar state, 80% of  the girls will never go to school!!!!!!! Even if womens are fighting for their social place, attitudes remain traditionally patriarchal, be a girl means harder life. So, we start the projet! Now it’s amazing!!!!!!!! So was born the association: the Deedi’s School (registered to the Indian Government).

In France, the association has no legal status, it’s Indian soo we created CHUMA  (which means kiss in hindi),to serves as a financial bridge between France and India!



The world is full of gold nuggets … Starting shrinking violet, with a little compassion, a petal of generosity, awareness of differences and tolerance that goes with it, we can ALL give our most great resources, hope, and smiles …

Financial’s donation, but also materials, books, dictionaries, pencils, notebooks, clothes… are equally important! Every donation has is importance, no small gift just good intention…

(In India, 1 Euro = 68 rupees, for idea, a meal = 15 rupees!).